Today I decided to take part in the #noservernovember challenge on

I’ve not been able to do too much as I’ve been suffering a fair amount of pain from a car crash I had back in April, however I figured this would be a small thing that I could have some fun doing, while using the serverless platform.

I decided to do the fun ‘Create a dad joke twitter bot’ one, as it was relatively simple but allowed me to use tools I’ve not used in a while.

I streamed it live on Twitch, you can see my Twitch channel at

Using the ‘’ API, in addition to the twitter API, I create a serverless function that runs daily via schedule on AWS Lambda.

This tweets a single dad joke once a day at 12:30pm UTC.

I decided to call the bot ‘GroanBot’, due to the eventual Groan good dad jokes can invoke.

The twitter bot is now live and running on @GroanBot.

If you like, I’ve uploaded the source code to my Github Account at

It’s open source, feel free to use it, or part of it for yourself.

Technologies/Services used: